An octopus hat for you

Practical and chic, Octopus Hats are designed with open water users in mind, those who need a cosy warm hat all year round.

They are available in a variety of colours, so you can find one that suits your personality.

Many fun styles to choose from

See some designs from the pics below. 

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New Earth Collection

New Earth Collection

Chunky Hat Collection

Long Legged Hat Collection

Reef Range Collection

Atoll Range Collection

Caribbean Range Collection

Comet Collection

A hat for all seasons

Octopus Hats are great for scuba divers, snorkelers, surfers, SUP’rs and open water swimmers who need to reheat themselves after enjoying their open water activity.

A double layer of  premium  Aran yarn, will soon have you toasty and warm after your open water adventure.

Conversation starter

An Octopus Hat is more than a practical and chic way to express your love for sea life. It is a conversation starter that can enable you to share your enthusiasm and support for the underwater world and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Find all of the latest designs at:
Janet Prior’s Fishy Hats store on Etsy. 

Last modified: 10th January 2023
Author: Steve Prior