PADI IDC Theory - Equipment

Test yourself with these questions

PADI IDC Theory - Equipment

The Equipment section of PADI Instructor Exam papers has questions about many things. 

But basically we can bring them down to two main areas: 



PADI IDC Revision - Equipment - Regulators

Test yourself with these questions. If you get stuck, all is explained in the video below from the PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course 

The Basics

PADI IDC and IE Exam regulator questions often focus on either the first stage or the second stage

How it works

First Stage
The job of the first stage is to bring the high cylinder pressure down to intermediate pressure, which is the pressure that’s in all of the hoses, apart from the high pressure hose that leads to your submersible pressure gauge. 
Second Stage
This the part that you breathe from. It’s job is to bring the intermediate pressure down to ambient pressure.

PADI IDC Exam Questions - Regulators

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PADI IDC Revision - Equipment - Cylinders

The Basics

Cylinders are different sizes and made of different materials. Steel or Aluminium. They need to be regularly tested according to local law. 

This might help

Steel cylinders
These cylinders require you to wear less weight that aluminium ones because they displace less water and feel “heavier” in the water. 
Steel cylinders that bear a + sign from the last test can be overfilled by 10 per. cent.
Aluminium cylinders
Of course aluminium cylinders require you to wear more weight when you’re diving than you would with a steel cylinder. 
Routine Tests
Local law requires cylinders to have a visual test and a hydrostatic test. Visual testing involves a technician  removing the first stage and checking the walls for signs of damage. Hydrostatic testing involves immersing the cylinder and pressurising it with water. Providing measurements are within standards, the cylinder is then stamped and can be used for another period of time. 

PADI IDC Exam Questions

PADI IDC Revision - Equipment

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