PADI IDC Exam Questions

Sample PADI Exam Questions

Sample PADI IDC exam questions

Are you looking for some practice exam questions for your PADI IDC? There’s a lot here. See how you get on!
These are very similar to the updated questions that you’ll find on your PADI IDC.

I’ve hand picked them as they are common on the latest papers. 

They’re just a small sample taken from Steve Prior’s Online Course to help you succeed. 

Videos to help

You’ll find some videos to help you with any questions that you get stuck on. 
Steve explains topics in such a simple way that clarifies subjects, makes them easy and gets rid of PADI jargon! 

PADI Dive Theory Exams

Why should you study the latest materials?

  1. PADI often change the questions on their exams
  2. The emphasis of questions regularly change
  3. PADI update their IDC and IE questions based on latest developments 

Where can you find help?

  1. Further down this page are links leading to videos and questions where you can test yourself
  2. There are also links to my online course where I explain the very latest subjects and techniques
  3. Also links to the very latest developments for teaching pool skills

So! here are some typical PADI IDC Exam questions

Choose your subject below, then either watch the video first, or test yourself with the questions. Good luck! 


Why is Physics always the first one on the list?


Decompression Illness and Respiration questions


Regulators and Cylinder questions


A variety of PADI exam questions

RDP and eRDPml

Questions regarding the rules of the RDP and calculations


Typical IDC Exam questions from latest PADI Instructor manual

PADI IDC Exam Questions

The latest questions from PADI IDC and IE

It’s obvious that the more practice that you get with PADI IDC exam questions, the more confidence that you’ll get. 

However, it’s also important that you practice with the most recent updated versions. 

PADI regularly update exam questions. 

  • Change the wording
  • Introduce new topics
  • Leave out old topics
  • Change the emphasis

Make sure that you’re using 2021 style questions and advice.

Online courses to help with Exam questions

In addition to the free stuff on this website, there are some great online courses that will help you in ALL areas of preparation for your IDC. 

  • PADI Dive Theory
  • PADI 2021 Standards
  • Teaching in Confined Water
  • Teaching in Classroom

Take a look at our PADI IDC Guide to passing your IDC and learn how an online course can increase your chances of success, or see below on how to sign up.

If you have more questions

There is a lot more advice, tips and help to be fully prepared to become a PADI Instructor on this page. 

Which course will answer most of your PADI Exam questions?

Dive Theory

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Guide to PADI IDC Preparation

Pool & Class teaching

Briefings, De-briefings, Demonstrations.

The psychology of how people learn

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Preparation for pool presentations

Both Courses

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