PADI IDC Theory - Physiology

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PADI IDC Theory: Physiology

In this section we’ll go through two of the main areas of a PADI IDC exam.

Decompression Illness


These two topics cover a huge volume of questions on most exams. 

I’ll start the sections with some tips, then a video.

Then there will be some typical PADI Exam type questions for you to test yourself. 

Good luck! 

PADI IDC Revision - Physiology - Decompression Illness

The Basics

Decompression Illness is a blanket term for both Decompression Sickness and Lung overexpansion injury.

What it is

Decompression illness covers a wide range of troubles. Like gas in the bloodstream – nitrogen in the case of decompression sickness – or air (or breathing gas) in the case of an embolism. 
It also covers various burst lung injuries.
However, regardless of the cause, symtoms tend to be similar, and first aid treatment is the same for all. Oxygen, and medical assistance.

PADI IDC DCI Exam Questions

See how you get on with these mock exam questions. 

PADI IDC Mock Exam papers

PADI IDC Exam Questions

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PADI IDC Theory - Physiology - Respiration

OK, Let’s now move on to Physiology.

There are loads of questions on PADI exams about respiration. Mainly about oxygen and carbon dioxide. See how you get on. 
So if you can crack these, you’re well on your way to getting a good score on your final exam. 

The Basics

Breathing is really about two gasses. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. 
Of course Oxygen is important for life, and carbon dioxide is the waste product of metabolism. Keeping an eye out for carbon dioxide build up in student diver’s lungs is of utmost importance to a PADI instructor 

This might help.

Overexertion, shallow breathing, hyperventilation and panic can all cause a diver to build up carbon dioxide in their lungs. 
We all know how uncomfortable that is. The way that it causes a slight panic and a feeling that we aren’t getting enough air. 
There are plenty of questions about this on PADI exams.
In the real world it’s important that divers breathe correctly to make sure that carbon dioxide is expelled. 

PADI IDC Exam Respiration Questions

Questions on other subjects

Here is a lot more help with PADI IDC Dive Theory

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Last modified: 26th February 2024
Author: Steve Prior

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