IDC Theory and Standards Preparation Course

Online Course

Are you confident to pass your PADI IDC and IE exams?

PADI IDC Theory Preparation

PADI Course Director Steve Prior takes you though every IDC topic. Videos and lots of quizzes and exams to help with your PADI IDC Theory Preparation. 
All theory subjects, with typical PADI questions and answers. 
Brush up on the latest PADI Standards with 5 mock exams, all based on the latest PADI Instructor Manual. 

Why should you prepare for your PADI IDC written exams?

PADI often update their Instructor Exam questions. 

Of course we all know that PADI Standards change and we see the PADI Instructor Manual update every year. It makes total sense to be on top of those changes.

But PADI theory questions change too!

As times change, PADI alter the emphasis on some subjects, while others completely disappear from the exam papers. 

It’s important that you keep up to speed with those changes.  

How do you prepare for your PADI IDC Theory?

PADI products and other Websites

Some people use PADI manuals, digital products or visit a PADI Instructor for help. 
Others look online for websites to help with Dive Theory. 

For many people these solutions help – but not everyone.

An alternative way to learn PADI IDC Dive Theory

Over the past 30 years, I found that many people just “don’t get it” when they learn theory. 
They find that wherever they look, they get taught in the same way. Everyone seems to teach using similar methods, and for them – it just doesn’t work. 

So, over the years, I’ve developed a different way to explain the subjects. A simpler way. A way that is easy for people who are confused by the traditional ways. 
So although this online course leaves nothing out, it explains subjects in a way that you might not have seen before. 

Introduction video

Take a look at this short video.

You’ll see the layout of the course, and you can meet me! Hopefully you’ll like my style, and you’ll allow me to guide you through your PADI IDC theory preparation.

Increase your confidence

You’ll see that there are a lot of videos, and hundreds of questions, quizzes and mock exams to help you along your way. As your scores improve, so does your confidence! 

PADI IDC Theory Preparation schedule

The video lessons are very friendly and understandable. 

After each video lesson there’s a quiz where you can make sure that you fully understand things before moving on. 

Nothing is missing. 
I’d be amazed if you can find a question on a PADI IDC or an IE that isn’t covered in this program. 
Both Theory and Standards are covered. 
I know that you’ll enjoy working through the program. 

Increase your knowledge

As you work through the quizzes, your confidence will rise. Not only confidence to pass exams, but also confidence to teach the lessons to others. 
You’ll find a lot of great teaching tips in amongst the videos. 

PADI IDC Preparation Course

The PADI IDC theory Preparation Course is £125 (Approx. USD 175) for one year access.

Sign up for the course here: 
see you on the other side! 

Imperial and Metric Questions

No one is left out!
Each topic is introduced with metric examples.
But every question, whether a quiz question or an exam question are in both imperial and metric.
You can answer some questions in metric and some in imperial. Just like on PADI exams!
In addition, all quiz questions are followed by an explanation expressed in both imperial and metric.


The PADI IDC theory Preparation Course is £125 (Approx. USD 175) for one year access. .

10 Full Mock PADI Exams

There are a total of 10 mock PADI exams.
5 Dive Theory and
5 PADI Standards.
All with the same content and format as the ones that you’ll find on your final PADI exams. 

Over 700 Questions in the PADI IDC Preparation Course

Take a look at this video that lays out the content of the course. 
Firstly you’ll see how the topics and lessons are structured.
Secondly you’ll see just how many lessons and questions there are. 
All quiz questions have a choice of four multi-choice answers, just like on PADI exams. You’ll be given a full explanation if you choose the wrong answer.

How to teach PADI skills in confined water

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You’ll learn all of the psychology involved in learning new skills. 
How People learn
Positive Coaching
Problem Solving
How to conduct a Classroom Teaching Presentation


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PADI Skills in Confined Water

Join Our Family!

The “Prior Knowledge Family” Facebook page is packed with like-minded people. Some are very experienced and some just starting out on the road to being a PADI pro. Everyone is friendly and willing to give help and advice.  Many of them  have done previous courses with me over the past 20 years.
They are all enthusiastic and passionate about helping others.
Please join us! You can give feedback on your PADI IDC and IE Preparation Course,  pick up tips, get advice and ask questions. It’s a very friendly group. 

PADI Revision - skills and environment

The PADI IDC theory Preparation Course is £125 (Approx. USD 175) for one year access.

PADI IDC Explained

Steve Prior

Steve became a PADI Course Director back in October 2000. 
Over the years he developed many techniques that helped people pass PADI Dive Theory and PADI Standards exams.  

For example, his YouTube channel has over 5000 subscribers and over 450,000 views. And his Distance Learning program and online course helps people from all over the world  become confident with PADI exams.

Coaching Academy
In addition to teaching PADI Dive Theory and Standards, Steve has developed a Coaching Academy for PADI professionals, which focuses on natural ways for people to learn and to teach.

Platinum Award 
He has taught over 5500 PADI certifications and reached the prestigious “Platinum Status” for 12 consecutive years. You’ll see on the videos, he is just as passionate now as he ever was.