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PADI IDC Theory - Diving skills and Environment

The PADI Diving and the Environment section of the Dive Theory exams neatly falls into three main categories:

Diving Skills

The Environment

First Aid

In this section, we’ll go through a few tips and tricks in each of the categories, and you can then have a go at some sample PADI IDC type questions. 

Diving and the Environment - Skills

The Basics

The SKILLS section of a PADI IDC Diving and the Environment exam can be divided into easy and familiar subjects: Open Water course skills, PADI Programs and questions from other PADI IDC Exam topics. 

How it works

Open Water Course
Favourite questions focus mostly on two skills: 
Emergency Weight Drop, where it’s important that the weight is dropped away from the body to avoid snagging on equipment and CESA where it’s important to keep all equipment in place, particularly the regulator. 
PADI Programs
Questions regarding the benefit of Discover Local Diving, where it’s beneficial to be introduced to a new dive site by local guides, and ReActivate, where divers can refresh the skills that are relevant to their individual needs and experience levels.

Other IDC Exam topics
You are likely to find questions from the Physiology Exam. For example there might be questions about Stomach (or Diaphragm) breathing. Also questions from Equipment Exam. For example, the importance of doing a weight check on the surface if you switch from steel cylinder to aluminium or vice versa. 

PADI IDC Exam Questions

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Diving and the Environment- The Environment

The basics

The Environment part of the IDC Skills and Environment exam is mostly made up of natural behaviours in the ocean, and techniques of how to handle different situations.

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Natural Behaviours in the ocean
You’ll find questions about rip currents, where trapped water between obstacles  flows seaward creating a danger. Also questions about wind causing waves, or the behaviour of the Coriolis effect where major ocean currents flow clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti or counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere. You might get questions about local tides, particularly that it’s often better to dive at high slack tide.  
How to handle different situations
This area covers the suggestion that you should stand sideways against surf when entering the water and use ripples in the sand as a navigation aid. It also covers search patterns and what headings to use when swimming a square

Diving and the Environment - First Aid

The Basics

Even though this is a PADI IDC Skills and the Environment section, you’ll find a lot of questions about Rescue and First Aid

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You will find questions that emphasise that you need to establish buoyancy any time that you meet a diver in trouble at the surface, and There are also questions about the need to give 100 pct. Oxygen to victims suspected of suffering from DCS. 
First Aid
The First Aid questions range from a reminder that one person CPR is 30:2 through to Marine stings, where it’s advised to rinse the sting in the same water and to treat jelly fish stings with vinegar. 
Also questions about the need for a suspected drowning victim to get medical advise, despite feeling well. 

PADI IDC Revision - Skills and environment - more questions

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PADI IDC Exam Questions

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