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OK, let’s talk about the RDP and the eRDPml. 

On all PADI RDP exams, the questions fall into two categories: 
RDP – Rules and background

RDP – Calculations

The Rules and background cover questions about flying after diving, or how many tissue compartments are involved. 

The Calculations sections are the more traditional type questions like working out the pressure group after a dive. 
Or working out the minimum surface interval between two dives. 

So, I’ll go through both categories. 

I’ll give a few tips, and show a video, then you’ll get a chance to answer some questions. 

PADI IDC Theory - RDP - Background and use

The Basics

The background and design of the RDP accounts for a fairly large percentage of the RDP exam. A lot of the answers are found on the table, or rules tab of the eRDPml. Other questions are about the structure of the RDP

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Answers found on RDP
There are several questions regarding flying after diving, diving at altitude, what to do if you miss a safety stop and special rules for WXY or Z pressure groups. All of these answers can be found on your table, or in the Rules tab of your eRDPml. 
Structure of the RDP
To answer these questions, you need to remember that the RDP is based on 14 tissue compartments, and the US NAVY table is based on 6 tissue compartments. 
Also the surface interval credit table is based on 60 minute half time tissue for the RDP and 120 minute half time tissue for the US NAVY. 

PADI IDC Exam RDP Questions

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How to use the PADI eRDPml and RDP table

PADI IDC Theory: RDP - Calculating RDP

The Basics

You can answer all of these questions with the eRDPml if you want, but some questions are answered quicker by using the table. 

This might help

Watch the video to get a really tips on how to work these out! You’ll also get some guidance about the words used on the eRDPml.
The video shows how to work out the trickier questions that you’ll find. For example the question that appears on every exam asking for the sum total of minutes over three dives using minimum surface interval. (Nearly always you’ll find yourself in WXY or Z pressure group)  

PADI IDC Exam Questions

How did you get on? 
There’s a lot more information about how to use the tables and eRDPml in this video here:

PADI RDP revision - how to use RDP and eRDPml

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Last modified: 26th February 2024
Author: Steve Prior