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Steve Prior

Distance Learning - Preparation by email!

ONE TO ONE IDC training!

If you’re SERIOUS about preparing for your PADI exams –  
Let’s work together!
You and I can  work together with Distance Learning to make sure that you’re confident and fully prepared.
We’ll use fully up to date PADI mock exams.

What do others say about the Distance Learning course?

"A HUGE thank you for the fantastic Distance Learning course (and I do LOVE Physics now!).  Your teaching methods are second to none"


What is Distance Learning, and how does it work?

A total of 5 "Sets" of mock exams

Each Set includes a total of 110 questions. 
5 Dive Theory exams. 
each with 12 questions each.
Diving and the environment

1 PADI Standards exam
50 questions

Each exam has the same format and same content as the ones that you’ll find on the final  PADI exams. 

I’ll “Drip Feed” the exams to you. 

"The Distance Learning preparation course made me feel so more relaxed about the course and allowed me to enjoy the IDC so much more. There were no long days in the classroom for me!"


Pay by Card
Pay by Card
Pay via PayPal

Work at your own speed

Once you receive the first of the exams, get yourself a hot drink, relax, get comfy and settle down to work in your own time.
Then once you’ve finished and happy, send me your answers.

My Feedback

I’ll check your answers, and let you know how you got on. 
If there are areas where you need help, I can give you tips and advice on how to improve.
I’ll also send you the next exam for you to work on.
We’ll work together until you’ve finished your last exam. 

It total, you’ll have seen, answered and studied 550 questions. All similar in content to those on current PADI exams. 

Distance Learning

How do I sign up, and how much does it cost?

In British Pounds, the cost is £89 or US$120
approx. 110 Euros
Wherever you live,  you can either pay via Pay Pal, or Credit Card. 
the links are here: 

Pay by Card
Pay by Card
Pay via PayPal

How soon after I pay will I receive my first Distance Learning exam?

I’ll be as quick as I can! 
However, if you don’t receive a reply within 24 hours, please check your junk mail. 
I’m usually a lot quicker than that!
Of course there will probably be time differences between your country and mine, so please bear that in mind as well. 

Why should I take Steve Prior's Distance Learning course?

Guide to PADI IDC Preparation
  • I have  over 25 years of experience in helping people pass PADI exams
  • Hundreds of IDC candidates have benefited from Distance Learning program since 2009
  • I knows the importance of keeping current
  • All of these mock exams have been updated in 2022
  • The Standards exams are based on the current PADI instructor manual
  • I have personally written all 550 questions that we’ll use to monitor your progress
  • This program is brilliant for all IDC candidates and those heading for Divemaster training.
  • You’ll find Lot’s of “ah ha!” moments
  • I updates all of my courses every year to reflect PADI’s changes

What people have been saying about my online training.

I really like the way that you  teach and your examples are a great way of learning


Brilliant, a great refresher and so clearly taught. I had forgotten so much and I feel so much more confident to teach the subject myself now


Love your videos and I now use them in my classes


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Join Our Family!

The “Prior Knowledge Family” Facebook page is packed with people just like you. Why don’t you join up to meet them. Some are very experienced and some just starting out on the road to being a PADI pro.
Everyone is friendly, all willing to give helpful advice.  Many of them  have done previous courses with me over the past 20 years.

Many of them are studying for their IDC.

They’re all enthusiastic and passionate about helping others.
Please join us! You can give feedback on your PADI IDC Coaching Academy  Course,  pick up tips, get advice and ask questions. It’s a very friendly group.