Your IDC Preparation Guide

A guide to success

  • Mock Exams
  • Online Course
  • Personal Coach

Are you fully prepared for your PADI IDC?

There is nothing more rewarding than becoming a PADI Instructor. 

Someone that can give joy to others.

But in order to pass the PADI Instructor Exam, you’ll need to be fully up to speed with:

  • Dive Theory
  • PADI Standards
  • Dive Skills

We all learn in a different way - Which one is right for you?

For some people learning comes easy, but others can struggle. 

It can be hard for some people to learn new things if they’ve not studied anything for a while.

You might not be as quick to pick up new information, and may find it more difficult to focus.

Also, you  need to know exactly WHAT needs to be mastered. 
Exactly what types of questions you’ll be asked during your training. 

I believe that you should be taught in a way that suits you.

In your own time, and at your own speed. 

You need to be able to choose which subjects need more time and which ones need more explanations. 

“Hoorah! For the first time in my life physics is easy!! I would recommend this course to anyone, regardless of current level of qualification."


PADI IDC Preparation Guide

Let me be your PADI IDC Preparation Guide.
I can guide you through all of your IDC Preparation Training.


Which method will you choose?

Who is this for?

You like testing yourself. 
You’ve already done a lot of study, and now want to make sure that you’re up to speed. 
The Bundle Exam Package has a total of 550 questions. 
All similar to 2022 PADI Theory and Standards Instructor Exam papers. 
So plenty for you to work on! 

Who is this for?

You want to learn Dive Theory, Standards and How to teach in confined water.
You want to learn from scratch

Simple 3 step process:

  1. Watch a video.
  2. Answer questions to check that you’ve understood.
  3. Take a Mock Exam to prove to yourself that you know everything. 

Who is this for?

You want me to help you through the Mock Exam papers via email.

Which method is right for you? 

Here we’ll go through each of the choices that you have. 

Mock Practice Exams

Replica PADI Instructor Exam papers. Lots of practice!

Online Preparation courses

A complete A to Z course that explains everything in simple terms.

Personal Coach

I’ll personally help you through set exam papers, coaching via email. 

Mock Exam Papers

Are you the type of person that wants to check – and then double check with PADI practice exams? 

You want to make sure that you fully understand the subjects. 

Each individual exam is structured with the same format and content as the exams that you’ll find on your Final PADI Exam. 

You can test yourself.
Get yourself comfortable with a coffee and then test yourself under exam conditions. 

Of course you can mark your  paper with the Answer Key provided.

You can buy individual Mock Exam papers for US $ 12 each

Or you can buy a bundle of all FIVE  for US$ 49

You’ll certainly be far more confident after taking 5 full PADI Practice Exam papers.

Online IDC Preparation Courses

Are you the type of person that says
“Treat me as if I know nothing! – Start from the beginning. I want to make sure that I know everything”?

Then the online IDC Preparation Course is certainly for you. 

Also perfect for you if you struggle to focus, or you get bewildered by complicated explanations.

Learn and Understand, not memorise

There are two Online Courses

Both offer a simple step by step process that you can take your own speed. 

Great for both PADI Divemaster training and as a PADI IDC Preparation Guide.

1. Dive Theory and Standards

  • Every Theory topic covered. 
  • Easy to watch videos. 
  • Over 700 questions including all 5 Mock Exams sets. 
  • Dive Theory and Standards.
  • Learn how to teach as well as how to learn.
  • Imperial and Metric. 
  • Updated for 2022.
PADI IDC Preparation Course

Buy the Dive Theory and Standards course
Here for  US $79

2. Full IDC Preparation Course

Everything from the Theory and Standards course, PLUS:

  • How to teach in confined water.
  • Briefings, Debriefings etc..
  • The psychology of how people learn.
  • EXCELLENT training for both IDC preparation and for being a PADI Instructor in the real world. 
  • Comprehensive PADI IDC preparation.
FULL IDC Preparation Course

Buy the FULL IDC Preparation Course
Here for  US $99

"I learnt things, as well as how to go about teaching people. It was fun, and came away very inspired. I'm now looking forward to a successful career in the dive industry"


Personal Coaching with Distance Learning

Let me be your personal PADI IDC Preparation Guide

Are you the type of person who would like a mentor to help you prepare? 

Someone who can let you know where you’ve done well, and give positive advice when you need it? 

Let me be your Personal Coach and be your IDC Preparation Guide.

It’s all based on the 5 Mock Exams mentioned above.

I’ll send you the mock exams one by one. 
You can take the exams and send me your answers. 
Then together we can work to improve your scores. 

You can learn more about how it all works in this short video.

Buy the Distance Learning Course HERE for US $ 120

Have confidence and self-belief

Whatever method you choose, I’ll be so honoured that you chose me to be your PADI IDC Preparation Guide, and allowed me to be part of your journey. 

Now, imagine yourself having the confidence and self-belief to ace all of the PADI Instructor Exams. 

Being able to pass all Theory and Standards exams and at the same time, understanding the concepts well enough to be able to explain it to others.


FREE videos to help with PADI IDC Preparation

Current up to Date Videos

The videos on my “Buy me a coffee” site are right up to date.

They’re all part of my online PADI IDC Preparation course.

So you can be sure that they have relevant content.

Here are my FREE videos

More IDC preparation pages here:

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Who is Steve Prior?

PADI IDC explained

Steve Prior

Steve Prior is a PADI Course Director (PADI 53442).

He  has been awarded Platinum Status for 12 consecutive years.

He founded his own PADI 5 star centre, and has managed large dive centres in Egypt and Indonesia.

He has issued over 5,700 PADI certifications. Mostly at professional level.

Everything changed in Steve’s life back in July 1992.

That’s when he became a PADI Instructor.
To say it changed his life is an understatement. Because his passion is to help other scuba divers reach the highest goals of their dreams.

Life Coaching

He became a PADI Course Director in October 2000. That led to the study of psychology that transformed his IDCs.
They became more like life coaching sessions. Consequently, hundreds of current PADI Instructors are enjoying the success of helping others to learn.

Coaching Academy
Steve’s passion led him to developing a Coaching Academy for PADI professionals.

Here people learn how to coach their students by allowing them to learn.

That way, they can’t do anything other than learn using their own preferred learning style.