PADI IDC Preparation

 Multi Platinum Course Director helps you with PADI IDC Preparation. Get up to speed with dive theory and the latest PADI standards. Find out the most effective way to  teach in pool and class. Lot’s of quizzes and exams to practice with, and loads of videos to explain everything. 

Join Steve Prior to increase your confidence and knowledge with these THREE powerful online courses.

Every PADI IDC and IE topic covered. Videos, Presentations, quizzes and mock exams all in simple format. 

Three IDC Preparation online Courses

PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course

  • Every topic, every subject on the IDC/IE exams covered
  • 14 videos explain simple and easy ways to answer questions
  • 700 Questions in all. Very similar to what you’ll find on your final exams
  • Monitor your progress. 193 Quiz questions to check your knowledge along the way
  • 5 mock dive theory exams, all with the same content and same format as those you’ll find on your PADI IDC
  •  5 mock standards exam. All based on the latest 2021 PADI Instructor Manual, again with the same content and format as your final exams
  • All Quiz and mock exam questions are both imperial and metric
  • 29 presentation slides
  • Each Quiz question has added explanation for the correct answer
  • Join others on the Prior Knowledge Facebook page
  • No topic or subject from the PADI IDC/IE exam missed out
    More details click here  PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course. or join the course HERE
PADI IDC Confined water teaching
PADI confined water teacing

PADI IDC Teaching in Confined Water

  • How to teach in pool
  • Student centred teaching
  • Instructor update
  • Prepare for PADI IDC/IE
  • Natural buoyancy
  • Allow people to learn
  • Positive Coaching
  • How people learn
  • Lots of psychology
  • Be the Best Instructor!  More details click here PADI IDC Teaching in Confined water or join the course HERE

PADI IDC Teaching in Classroom

  • Classroom teaching
  • Classroom teaching presentations
  • Make knowledge development fun

FULL PADI IDC Preparation Course

  • TOTAL PADI IDC Preparation
  • BOTH of the above courses together
  • Best Value for money
  • Steve Prior leads you through most IDC topics
  • Be fully prepared for your PADI IDC and PADI IE
  • 24 Videos
  • 30 quizzes
  • 10 Full Mock Exams

More information click here: Full Preparation Course
Or join the course here:

FULL IDC Preparation
FULL IDC Preparation Course


PADI IDC Preparation

Steve Prior

Everything changed in Steve’s life back in July 1992. That’s when he became a PADI Instructor.
To say it changed his life is an understatement. Because his passion is to help other scuba divers reach the highest goals of their dreams.

Life Coaching
He became a PADI Course Director in October 2000. That led to the study of psychology that transformed his IDCs.
They became more like life coaching sessions. Consequently, hundreds of current PADI Instructors are enjoying the success of helping others to learn.

Coaching Academy
Steve’s passion led him to developing a Coaching Academy for PADI professionals. Here people learn how to coach their students by allowing them to learn. That way, they can’t do anything other than learn using their own preferred learning style.

Steve has been awarded Platinum Status for 12 consecutive years. He started up his own PADI 5 star centre, has managed large dive centres in Egypt and Indonesia. And has issued over 5,700 PADI certifications. Mostly at professional level.

Janet Prior

Janet Prior is a PADI Master Instructor and together with Steve has gained a lot of experience.
She learns so much from the people that they both teach. Every single person has had an influence on the way that she teaches people.

Progressive Teaching Techniques
Over the years, Janet has designed many wonderful teaching methods and techniques. She discuses these new ideas with Steve and before long they are then incorporated into their courses. 

Penny Dropping
When people hear of these ideas, there’s always a “penny dropping” moment. In their hearts, they’ve always known that these techniques are correct.  It’s so obvious. But, as it’s never been pointed out they’ve never taught like this.

Often the paradox is that when checked against PADI Standards and Performance Requirements, these methods often sit more closely with those words than standard practice.

Caring and loving
Janet loves nothing more than helping people to overcome any hurdles in their training. She has unlimited patience and has a wonderful way of explaining things.  Oh, and she is lovely.

PADI IDC Preparation