PADI IDC Exam Answers

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PADI IDC Exam Answers

PADI IDC Exam Answers – PADI Course Director Steve Prior helps you to improve your chances in all areas of your PADI IDC and Instructor Exam.

The new 2021 PADI IDC is now launched. What do you need to do to be fully prepared? 

From revising all PADI theory exams, studying PADI standards and learning how to make effective teaching presentations in pool and classroom.

Lots of PADI Exam questions here.

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Tips on how to be ready for your Instructor Course

PADI Materials

You’ll need to buy the 2021 version of the PADI IDC Crew Pack. 

You can buy this from any PADI 5 star PADI IDC Centre. 

It includes a lot of online preparation that you need to complete before the start of your course. 

Dive Theory

PADI ‘s optional Dive Theory online program is available. 
If you complete the program it’s possible that you can get credit towards the theory section of your PADI IDC. 
CAUTION!!  You’ll still have to sit your theory and standards on your PADI Instructor Exam. 
So it’s really important that you’re fully up to speed in this area. 


You’ll need to have a medical certificate signed by a physician within the last 12 months stating that you’re fit to dive without any restrictions

CPR and First Aid Training

You’ll need to have completed an EFR primary and secondary course within the past 24 months

Emergency First Aid Instructor

To be in teaching status as a PADI Instructor, you’ll need to be an EFR Instructor. However, you can achieve this during your instructor training

PADI IDC Answers

Do you want to be fully prepared for your PADI IDC?

Do you want to be fully prepared for the latest PADI Instructor Exams?

Be confident with theory exams, Standards exams and teaching in confined water and in the classroom?

Then take a look below where you can get immediate training from PADI multi platinum Course Director Steve Prior

PADI IDC Exam Answers - Hundreds of them!

The PADI IDC theory preparation Course has Over 700 Questions – and of course Answers!  Dive Theory and PADI Standards Exam questions for you to test yourself. PLUS a whole load of videos to explain the answers. 

It’s the ideal preparation to help make your course, your exams and your future career a success.

PADI IDC Exam Answers

What should I prepare myself for before taking my PADI IDC?

Well, to answer that question, let’s look at what’s involved in a PADI Instructor Exam.

The Exam has 4 compartments and is usually run over 2 days. 

PADI IE requirements

Theory Exams 

Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills and Environment, RDP
Total 60 questions

Standards Exam 
50 questions

Teaching in Classroom

You’ll teach one subject.

Usually answering a Knowledge Review question to an imaginary class. 
An Examiner will mark you according to a score sheet

Teaching in Confined Water

You’ll teach one skill in a swimming pool. Your presentation needs to cover: Briefing, Demonstration, Correcting Problems, Organising your class and De-briefing

Teaching in Open Water

You’ll teach two skills. 
Again being marked on your briefings, Correcting Problems, Organising your class and De-briefing 

Rescue Exercise 7

How many people pass the PADI IE?

A high percentage of people pass their PADI Instructor Exam at the first attempt. 

This isn’t because it’s easy! it’s because people are usually prepared. 

But let’s look at each part. 

Dive Theory/Standards Exams

I find it odd, that people do fail in this area. 

I find it odd because this is the one area where you can fully prepare before your exam.

PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course

The Online course has a lot of practice exams for you to test yourself. 

There are loads of videos covering every subject that you’re likely to find and quizzes to make sure that you’re up to speed.

Lots of PADI Exam Questions here

Lots of practice questions on all subjects including Standards questions from the 2021 PADI Instructor Manual.

Teaching in Pool, Class and Open Water

I’ve lumped these together because they have so much in common. 

You need the knowledge of the subject and communication skills to deliver both in water and classroom.

PADI IDC Teaching in Pool and Class

This online course explains the psychology of how people learn and how different people learn in different ways. 

It’s the perfect preparation, not only to pass a PADI instructor exam, but also to be successful in real life.

PADI IDC answers

Which course is best for you?

PADI IDC Exam Answers

Dive Theory

Every subject, every topic explained in a fun way. 100’s of questions. Mock exams.

Enrol here: click on picture
£125 (Approx. USD 175)

Guide to PADI IDC Preparation

Pool & Class teaching

Briefings, De-briefings, Demonstrations.

The psychology of how people learn

Enrol here: click on picture
£125 (Approx. USD 175)

Preparation for pool presentations

Both Courses

Almost as if you’re watching PADI Course Director Steve Prior teaching a full IDC. Best value!

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£149 (Approx. USD 210) 

Complete PADI IDC Preparation

PADI IDC Exam Answers

PADI Dive Theory

I think that the most important thing to keep in mind regarding the PADI Dive Theory exams is that they can easily be studied if you keep a solid and careful approach. 
By following my course, you’ll learn in easy steps, building your confidence and knowledge as you go. 
You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn and how successful you’ll be on the PADI Dive Theory exam papers that are included. 

PADI IDC Exam Answers. More about courses here:

Meet Steve Prior

PADI IDC Preparation

Steve Prior

Steve became a PADI Course Director back in October 2000. 
Over the years he developed many techniques that helped people pass PADI Dive Theory and PADI Standards exams.  

For example, his YouTube channel has over 5000 subscribers and over 450,000 views. And his Distance Learning program and online course helps people from all over the world  become confident with PADI exams.

Coaching Academy
In addition to teaching PADI Dive Theory and Standards, Steve has developed a Coaching Academy for PADI professionals, which focuses on natural ways for people to learn and to teach.

Platinum Award 
He has taught over 5500 PADI certifications and reached the prestigious “Platinum Status” for 12 consecutive years. You’ll see on the videos, he is just as passionate now as he ever was.