FULL PADI IDC Preparation Course

Full PADI IDC Preparation. 24 Videos. 30 Quizzes, 5 Mock PADI IE Theory Exams 5 Mock PADI Standards Exams. So much help. So much guidance.

Full PADI IDC Preparation Course

The Full course is a "bundle" of the other two courses. - BEST VALUE FOR MONEY!

Here is a common conversation that I have!
“How should I prepare for my PADI IDC?” 

“It’s a great question! Not least because like everything else in life, the more prepared that you are, the easier life is. 

However, it’s much more important than just having an easier course.
PADI IDCs are FULL of wonderful teaching techniques that will help you in the future. 
The more that you’re prepared, the less stress you’ll be under.”
“Stress? gosh! what  stress?”

“Well, if you’re trying to learn something like Physics while I’m trying to teach you about giving a classroom teaching presentation, you’ll bound to feel stress”
“So? what you’re saying is that I should brush up on physics?”

“You should brush up on everything that you already know you’ll be questioned on. All Dive Theory subjects, PADI standards, and more if possible”

“How can I revise. What’s the best way?”

“Everyone is different. But I suggest that you get your hands on as many quizzes and mock exam papers as you can. 
Preferably ones that are up to date and reflect what PADI are asking this year”


The FULL PADI IDC Preparation Course is £149 for one year access

The very best way to prepare for your PADI IDC

Take a look at this video. 
You’ll see that it has:
24 Videos
30 Quizzes
5 Mock Theory Papers
5 Mock Standards Papers
3 Presentations.
The videos give you all the support that you need, and the quizzes and exams allow you to monitor your own progress. 


The FULL PADI IDC Preparation Course is £149 for one year access

Full PADI IDC Preparation for Pool teaching too!

During your PADI IDC, you’ll be asked to “teach” some skills in the pool. You’ll teach other IDC participants pretending to be students.
You’ll have to BRIEF the skill, DEMONSTRATE the skill. Then correct any problems that your pretend students make. 
You’ll have to organise the lesson and at the end give a DEBRIEF. 

Of course you’ll have to do all of this in the real world afterwards. It’s imperative that you’re comfortable with these methods, and that you know the reasons why they’re there. 
In the Full IDC Preparation Course, you’ll see videos explaining the psychology behind this teaching, and you’ll learn wonderful techniques that will make you very successful on the IDC and in the real world once you’re an instructor.

FULL IDC Preparation Course

The FULL PADI IDC Preparation Course is £149 for one year access

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Everyone is friendly, all willing to give helpful advice.  Many of them  have done previous courses with me over the past 20 years.
Many of them are studying for their IDC.
They’re all enthusiastic and passionate about helping others.
Please join us! You can give feedback on your PADI IDC Coaching Academy  Course,  pick up tips, get advice and ask questions. It’s a very friendly group. 

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