2022 PADI Dive Theory topics for PADI Instructors

What do you need to learn?

Sometimes it’s a bit confusing knowing exactly what to study:
What Dive Theory IS included on PADI Instructor Exams. 

What Dive Theory IS NOT included on PADI Instructor Exams.

2022 PADI Dive Theory topics for PADI Instructors

Here we list All PADI Dive Theory subjects that you’ll find on your 2022 Instructor Exams.

A collection of all subjects, all topics, and all sub-topics. Everything right down to the last detail. 

Plus tips on how to learn everything from scratch. Make sure that you’re fully prepared.

PADI Instructor Dive Theory Step-by-Step

Together we’ll go through each of the topics and sub topics that you’ll find on the Dive Theory section of the PADI Instructor Exam.

We’ll look at each individual topic, and make sure that all areas are covered. 

I’ll give you a reason Why you should learn it, and I’ll give you some Tips on how you can brush up on your knowledge. 

You can then use this as a check list to make sure that you’ve got everything covered.

Take each subject individually and make sure that you understand it.

By looking at each topic separately, it will help you to learn in small chunks and avoid being overwhelmed by the topic as a whole. 

PADI Dive Theory

Click on the subject to go straight to the section.

Dive Physics

We’ll start with everyone’s favourite! PHYSICS!


The sub topics are:
Pressures Underwater

Effects of Pressure

Pressure Volume Relationships

Solution of Gas in Liquid

Light, Heat and Sound


2022 PADI Dive Theory topics for PADI Instructors

Pressures Underwater

Why? – Understanding how to calculate pressures will give you a massive boost when it comes to calculating Effects of Pressure questions. 

It’s fundamental to answering a HUGE chunk of Physics exam questions. 

Tip – Read the question.

Oh! I know that sounds corny. But I mean it.
It’s surprising how many people get these questions wrong because they didn’t look out for the words:

Gauge or Absolute, and

Fresh or Salt. 
PADI questions often confuse people. 

Here are the 4 types of pressure that you need to tick off your list. 

  • Gauge Pressure in fresh water
  • Gauge Pressure in salt water
  • Absolute Pressure in fresh water
  • Absolute Pressure in salt water
You can learn all about pressure on my video here

Effects of Pressure

Why? –  This takes up so many areas of a Physics Exam. 

Tip – Take a look at my “Box Method” video on my Physics page

It makes all of these questions much easier.

Some people think that these subjects are stand alone topics. 

But the truth is that all of them have the same calculation.

You simply either multiply or divide the subject by the absolute pressure. 

In essence, all of these subjects are the same.  

  • Boyles Law
  • Partial Pressures
  • How much a diver breathes at different depths
  • Density

Pressure Volume Relationships

Why? – This is so fundamental. It’s on the very first lesson that an Open Water diver learns.

Tip – Watch my FREE video on By me a Coffee site

Essentially this is the same as calculating Effects of Pressure. 

However it’s a good idea to understand the relationship between Pressure and Volume. 

Solution of Gas in Liquid

Why? – This is Henry’s Law. 
Not only is this a Physics subject, but it’s also a Physiology subject. It’s the cause of Decompression Illness. 

Tip – You guessed it! I have a video about Henry’s Law!

Light, Heat and Sound

Why? – As a Dive Professional, it’s a good idea to be familiar with all of these. 
Not only to pass exams, but all of your future divers will be affected by Light, Heat and Sound at some time during their training. 

Tip – People get confused by the difference between Heat and Sound underwater. 
Heat is 20 times faster underwater than in air. 

Sound travels 4 times faster. 

So, find a way to help you remember. 
Like H20 is water. the H could be Heat, and 20 would be the speed. 

Find something that works for you. 


Why? – This is a new ground for Divemasters who want to become PADI Instructors. 

You won’t have seen any Displacement questions until you start to study for you PADI IDC. 

Tip – I cover this topic on my Physics page

There’s a video there too! 


The Physiology section is simple once it’s broken down into smaller parts.

Breathing (Respiration) and Decompression Illness make up the lion’s share of Physiology exams. 

2022 PADI Dive Theory topics for PADI Instructors


Why? – Breathing covers all Lung related questions: It’s a broad subject with questions about: 

Carbon Dioxide


Mammalian reflex

Dead air space

Shallow Water Blackout

Phew! it looks a lot!

Tip – The good news is that ALL of this is explained in a Respiration Video

Decompression Illness

Why? – Decompression Illness covers PADI Instructor Exam questions on:

Decompression Sickness (DCS) &

Lung over-expansion injuries.

Tip – All explained in this DCI video

Other Physiology topics

Why? – You might find questions taken from many smaller areas to do with Physiology: 

and some from First Aid subjects: 

Heat Stroke
Heat Exhaustion

Carbon Monoxide poisoning 

Carotid sinus reflex

Tip – You can find information about all of these things in your encyclopedia, or just google them. 
However, ALL of these subjects, plus everything else on this page is covered in my Online Theory and Standards IDC Preparation Course. (Also includes loads of questions to check your knowledge and 5 full Mock Exam papers )

RDP and eRDPml

You’ve probably only dived using a computer up until now.
But all PADI Professionals need to know how to use the PADI dive tables. 

Once you get used to RDP questions, they’re fairly easy. 

You just need a bit of practice. 

PADI Dive Theory for Instructors

RDP background and Rules

Why? – Mostly, these are the questions about flying after diving, or what to do if you miss a safety stop. 

Tip – Almost all of the answers are right in front of you. Either on the table itself, or on the “Rules” tab of your PADI eRDPml.

How to use RDP, and eRDPml.

Why? – These are the bulk of the RDP questions. 
The types of questions where you have to work out pressure groups or minimum surface intervals etc. 

 Tip – I have a video that will help. It’s here.


The equipment exam is largely made up of only two subjects: 
Regulators and Cylinders. 


Become a Scuba Instructor


Why? – Lots of Instructor Exam questions are based on Regulators: 
1st Stage, 2nd Stage, Upstream, Downstream, Intermediate Pressure, Pilot Valves… oh and it goes on! 

Tip – Good news!
It’s all broken down in simple terms in this video on my Buy me a Coffee site.


Why? – You’ll need to be able to answer questions about steel and aluminium cylinders. 

Tip – There is more information on Cylinders on my PADI IDC theory – Equipment page.

Other Equipment topics

Why? – You will need to be familiar with other equipment topics, such as:
Lifting bags
Neck seals

Dry suits

Tip – you can find valuable information by googling these topics, or you can find everything you need to know in order to pass your PADI Instructor Exam on my 
Complete PADI Preparation Course.

Diving Skills and the Environment

This subject neatly falls into two categories. 
You’ve guessed it! 
1. Diving Skills. 
2. Environment.


Diving Skills

Why? – You need to be able to answer questions on some skills. 

Emergency Weight Drop
Alternate Air Source
Signals (especially night dive)

Tip – Take a look in your Guide to Teaching manual, and your Instructor Manual.

The Environment

Why? – These are the questions about: 
Rip currents

Shore Diving


Search Patterns

Tip – Google, encyclopedia, or your manuals.
OR EVERYTHING on this page is neatly packaged in my 
Online Courses. 
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PADI Dive Theory for Instructors

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That's it for now!

I hope that you’ve found this helpful. 

I know that you’ll be successful as long as you take your time, and find the right way for you to learn. 

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