Prepare for your PADI IDC

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Prepare for your PADI IDC
PADI IDC Preparation is vital
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PADI often update their exams.
Pool training evolves.
Standards change every year.
Help is here for you.
Make sure that you’re ready!

Why prepare for Dive Theory and PADI Standards?

PADI Standards change every year.

Your IDC and IE will be based on the latest version of the PADI Instructor Manual.

Your practice papers need to be right up to date!


PADI theory questions change too. Over the last two years, the questions have changed dramatically.

Make sure that you’re revising the current content! 

See the IDC Theory Preparation Course below.

PADI IDC Preparation

12 reasons why you should spend time preparing for your PADI IDC and PADI IE

  1. You’ll make a great investment in your PADI IDC. Both in time and money
  2. The aim isn’t simply to pass a PADI Instructor Exam
  3. Your IDC should be preparing you for the real world, 
  4. It’s important for you to know how to truly communicate, not just recite briefings and debriefings
  5.  You need to know how to correct all types of problems, that means psychological ones as well as misunderstanding simple skills
  6. The more preparation you can do before your course, the more you’ll get out of your IDC
  7. How to deal with failure. Both in yourself as well as your future students
  8. the more you understand, the more questions you can ask your Course Director
  9. Have the right mental attitude to succeed
  10. Be the very best PADI Instructor that you can be
  11. Be a PADI Instructor that will motivate, inspire and lead
  12. Be a true leader that will benefit both your life and those of others

PADI IDC Preparation for Teaching in Confined Water and Classroom

IDC stands for Instructor Development Course. 

In other words, the IDC is NOT ONLY preparing you for the Instructor Exam, but also for you to develop into a great PADI Instructor in the real world. 

You can prepare by finding out exactly what (and why!) a confined water lesson consists of.

You can also prepare by learning the psychology behind the classroom teaching structure. 

The more you know, the better your chances of passing your PADI IDC/IE and of being a successful PADI instructor

See the PADI IDC  Teaching in class and pool course below. 

How to pass your PADI IDC Briefing and Debriefing

How do I prepare for a PADI IDC?

There are a couple of online courses that are perfect for your PADI IDC Preparation. – Well three courses actually!! 
One is designed to help you prepare you for your PADI IDC theory exams, another is great preparation to teaching in the pool and classroom. 
The third is the best! It’s the Complete Preparation course that covers both of the other courses. 

PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course


It’s a good idea for you to answer sample practice questions! LOTS of them! 

Answering questions correctly develops your confidence. 

The opposite happens when you get the answers wrong! 

So, I’ve developed an online course with so many videos to help you fully understand the subjects. 

Not only will you have over 700 questions to practice with, but videos explaining every single subject. 

I explain the subjects in a way to avoid the “Jargon” that often confuses people. 

You’ll see that I don’t explain in the same way that PADI does. 

I try to make it simpler! 

Introduction and Course Content

Be ready for your PADI IDC dive theory

PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course
Theory Online course

Here are some sample questions for you to practice.

See how many you get right!

PADI IDC Teaching in Pool and Class

You’ll see from the video that there is a LOT of information in this course. 

A lot of psychology built into the skills an instructor needs to teach people effectively. 

It’s not just about “ticking boxes” on a PADI IDC


By following the advice from this course, you’ll see that it’s all about instilling confidence in your future students. 
It’s very similar to you becoming a Life Coach! 

Every step of the way, you’ll be closer to making your future students the very centre of their own learning. 

Join the course here
PADI IDC Teaching in Pool and Class
Theory Preparation course

Or...... The COMPLETE IDC Preparation

Both Courses in one! - Great value for money!

Complete PADI IDC Preparation Course
Complete IDC Preparation

Find out more about our courses here

Dive Theory

Theory Online course

Every subject, every topic explained in a fun way.

100’s of questions. Mock exams.


Pool & Class teaching

Confined water

Briefings, De-briefings, Demonstrations.

The psychology of how people learn

Both Courses

Complete IDC Preparation

Almost as if you’re watching PADI Course Director

Steve Prior teaching a full IDC. Best value!