Dive Theory for PADI Instructors

Dive theory for PADI instructors Videos from Online Preparation Course to help you with PADI IDC and IE exams. All subjects covered.

All Dive Theory for PADI Instructors topics are fully covered in the Online PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course. 

What Dive Theory do I need to be a PADI Instructor?

PADI Instructors need to be able to do three things:  

  1. answer all questions in the main theory subjects
  2. answer (or know where to find the answers) all PADI Standards questions
  3. be able to explain the topics to others.

This means that you need to have adequate knowledge in Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills and the Environment, RDP and the very latest PADI standards. 

PADI Instructor Dive Theory Exams

Why should you be right up to date with PADI Dive Theory?

  1. PADI often change emphasis on exam questions
  2. They often add or delete past questions 
  3. PADI update their exams on latest developments 

Where can you find the latest help?

  1. On this page you’ll find  links to videos and test questions
  2. Also links to  online course where you’ll find the very latest material and teaching  techniques
  3. Also links to the very latest developments for teaching pool skills

Dive Theory and skills Preparation Courses

PADI Dive Theory (and Standards) preparation course

This online course is perfect for you.

  • Explained in simple terms
  • Jargon Busting sections!
  • Lots of practice exams
  • Videos (not taught in the “PADI” way!)
  • Quizzes to help you understand
  • The most “up to date” questions
  • Standards questions based on 2021 PADI Instructor Exam

If you have found traditional teaching difficult to understand, then this course is for you. It’s packed with simple videos and quizzes to help you with any subjects that you find difficult.

Steve Prior explains things in very simple terms. He breaks through the “jargon” and even gives tips on how you can pass this information over to others. 

Lots of PADI IDC Exam Questions here:

More on PADI IDC Preparation here



It really is easier than you think!
We need to be divers, not mathematicians. And that helps! Let me explain.
Left and Right sides of our brains
OK, well it’s now proven that this is just a myth! But you know what I mean! Some people love analytical thinking, and others are more practical.
Physics Questions
Physics questions usually involve both. For example practical divers love playing with lifting bags, but don’t like working out exactly how much air needs to be put into it.
Good News! Times or Divide.
The good news is that in mathematics, we have Plus, Minus, Multiply and Divide, But in Physics questions, we mostly use only two. Divide or Multiply. 
Our practical heads already knows if something will get bigger or smaller, so from then on it’s easy.  The second video on the


Physics page 


describes the “Box Method”. You’ll love it!

More information on our online courses click here:



It really is easier than you think!
I know that there seems to be a lot of complicated words connected to lung overexpansion injuries, but you don’t have to remember the words, You just need to recognise them. In the video on

this page,

you’ll get some good tips on how to remember them.
Decompression Illness and Respiration
These two subjects make up the most of physiology exam questions.  I’ve covered some of the questions with

these videos

PADI IDC theory Preparation Course

The online course gives you a lot of practice questions and includes other Physiology subjects like Ears, and a lot of First Aid subjects.

PADI IDC Dive Theory: Skills and Environment



It really is easier than you think! 
This is usually the subject that most people find easiest. It has most to do with diving!
Although there are questions from a variety of subjects. 
Other topics to brush up on! 
In addition to “Skills” – Usually Open Water diver skills, and “Environment” – Usually to do with Major Ocean Currents, 
You’ll find questions on:

  • First Aid
  • Rescue
  • Navigation

Every, subject, every topic can be found covered in detail on the

PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course

With 700 practice questions to test your progression! 

Dive Theory for PADI Instructors: Equipment



It really is easier than you think! 
Equipment is another subject that has a variety of topics. 
Regulators and Cylinders
PADI IDC and IE questions usually focus around these two subjects. 
There is a great video explaining most regulator questions


Other Subjects:

  • SMB’s
  • Computers
  • Lift Bags
  • Nitrox

Every, subject, every topic can be found covered in detail on the


PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course

With 700 practice questions to test your progression! 

Dive Theory for PADI Instructors: RDP


It really is easier than you think!
On your PADI IDC and IE exams, you’ll find questions in two main areas:
Design of the RDP

This truly is easier than you think! Why? Because most of the answers are right in front of you, either in print on your table, or under the “Rules” tab of your eRDPml
Dive Planning
This is where you’ll need to find pressure groups, minimum surface intervals or maximum depths.
Here you’ll find a couple of videos from the


PADI IDC Theory Preparation Course.


Courses for Dive Theory for PADI Instructors

You can find more information about our online courses here:

Tips and Hints for your PADI IDC here

Lots of Answers to your questions

Teaching in pool and class preparation course

Below, you can find details of other PADI IDC preparation courses. 
There is a course to show you how modern instructors use psychology to teach people in the pool and classroom. 
There is also a combined Online Course where both theory and skills are combined into one terrific course. 

They will help you to revise, prepare teach and understand all of the basic theory topics and also teaching skills.
The courses are fun, interactive and right up to date! 

PADI Dive Theory

Every subject, every topic explained in a fun way. 100’s of questions. Mock exams.

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£125 (Approx. USD 175)

Guide to PADI IDC Preparation

Pool & Class teaching

Briefings, De-briefings, Demonstrations.

The psychology of how people learn

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Preparation for pool presentations

Both Courses

Almost as if you’re watching PADI Course Director Steve Prior teaching a full IDC. Best value!

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