PADI Instructors - meet your next student

PADI Instructors and PADI Divemasters - I have a new student for you!

Get ready to meet your next student

Who will it be?

Will it be a brand new diver?

Will it be someone who has been diving a while but wants to improve their personal development?
Whoever it is – you can get prepared

So? Who is your next student?

Which one is it? A new diver or experienced one?

Look closer! It's YOU!


And why not? 
We all understand the need for improvement.
Sport professionals are ALWAYS training to reach higher results. 
Top stage performers are ALWAYS rehearsing to reach higher standards. 

Top professionals in all fields are ALWAYS reaching for higher performance. 

Be a better PADI Professional!

PADI Instructor - Personal Development

It stands to reason that you’ll want to be able to instil more confidence and self esteem into others.
A coach that people will want to come back to time and time again. 

You’ll want to be an even better leader.
Most of all you’ll want to be able to improve people’s lives effortlessly. 

FULL IDC Preparation Course

But how can you identify what Personal Development you need?

Let’s first take a closer look at the skills and knowledge that our customers expect from us, and then make a decision on where you can improve. 

For now, we can break this down to two main core areas

  1. Diving knowledge and skills
  2. Teaching and coaching skills

Of course there are several more areas that you can work on to make yourself a better professional. But for now, let’s stick to these two. 

PADI Instructor development- Knowledge and Skills

How confident are you when a diver asks a question about pressure volume relationships? 

How about when a divemaster asks you a question about physics?  
Can you answer these questions with confidence without hesitation? 

What about your diving skills? 

As a PADI professional, you’re always being watched and often judged by the way that you conduct yourself in the water. 

Are you happy with the way that others see you? 

What areas can you improve on, and in turn earn more respect?


PADI Instructor development - Teaching and coaching skills

Are you able to install confidence and self esteem in your students? 

How confident are you in teaching people with different learning styles? 
Do you get frustrated when a student just “doesn’t get it”?

Are you able to focus on the needs of each and every individual student? 

Are you able to build rapport that genuinely builds success?

Teaching and coaching development

Why should you improve yourself?

As your Instructor personal development skills improve, benefits are quickly seen on both sides of the process.

Your students:

Your students look to you for inspiration. They look to you for guidance.

It’s not only your knowledge that they seek, but also empathy, understanding and the way that you communicate. 

The more you improve on these skills, the more your students will learn.


As your students rely more on your judgement and your help, you’ll get more respect from all other professionals around you. 

You’ll get more and more satisfaction from truly knowing that you’re improving people’s lives.

My role in PADI Instructor - Personal Development

Complete PADI IDC Preparation

Online Full IDC Preparation Course

Despite it’s title, this is a very powerful course for PADI instructors and divemasters to improve their personal development. 

It covers theory and teaching new skills to divers. 

It covers important subjects like: 
Positive Coaching
Ownership of learning

Allowing people to learn

and lot’s of other wonderful topics. 
You can join the course by clicking on the picture, or you can find more information here about the Complete IDC Preparation course 

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