How to teach PADI Skills in Confined Water

and classroom teaching

PADI IDC Coaching Academy

How to teach PADI skills in confined water - Online course by PADI Course Director Steve Prior

Online Course: 
PADI Instructor update
Teach  “Natural Buoyancy”. Get students off their knees right from the start. With confidence in the water, they will then learn so fast.
Allow people to learn
Discover how to let people learn by using their own unique styles. It makes all classes very “Student Centred”.
Positive Coaching
Improve people’s skills by coaching in a way that keeps their progression moving forwards. Find out exactly how and why positive coaching works so well. 
PADI IDC Preparation
Teaching PADI Skills in confined water is exactly the same on an IDC as it in real life.
This online course is perfect for Instructor Development.

How to pass your PADI IDC Briefing and Debriefing
Personalised Dive Briefings

Teaching in the Classroom

How to give a classroom presentation
Make classroom presentations “Student Centred” and as personal as possible.

Scuba Instructor
It’s important to be a Scuba Instructor in the classroom and not a physics instructor or a physiology instructor. 
Your job is to teach scuba diving. Of course you’ll help people out with their questions, but your primary job is to teach people to dive. 
Build rapport with your customers and help them reach their goals. 

PADI Skills in Confined Water: More information here:

The PADI Skills in Confined Water online course is £125 for 1 year access

How People Learn
Discover the psychology of how your students learn and how you can help them to improve self confidence and self esteem as well as learning to scuba dive

Briefings, Demonstrations, De-briefings

Learn how to bring your teaching to life by involving students and engaging with them.

PADI Skills in Confined Water

PADI IDC and IE Preparation Theory and Standards

Fully prepare yourself for all PADI Theory questions that you’re likely to find on your PADI IDC and IE. 

All PADI IDC and IE topics covered
During several fun videos and presentations, you’ll learn everything that you need to learn. 

Over 700 questions to test yourself
In addition to hundreds of quiz questions (with answers and explanations) you’ll also be able to sit 10 mock exams, identical in format and content to PADI’s IDC and IE exams.

PADI IDC and IE Preparation Course
PADI IDC Theory and Standards questions explained

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