Full PADI IDC Preparation Course explained

Become a great teacher!

The benefits of taking the IDC Prep course


I’m going to show you the benefits of taking the complete online PADI IDC preparation course.
Actually the stress isn’t caused by the course itself.

Most  people feel nervous before taking their PADI IDC, and that’s completely normal! After all, it’s a big step in your diving career. 

You might be thinking “The IDC is just  another PADI dive course, why would I need to take another program to prepare?”

I’ve been a PADI Course Director for over 20 years. I’ve taught over 100 IDCs.
The one common factor that I’ve found on most of them is STRESS! 

The cause of that stress is usually that people are not fully prepared.
They’re not  exactly sure what to expect on their course. 

Most  people feel nervous before taking their PADI IDC, and that’s completely normal! After all, it’s a big step in your diving career. 


Stress can be so damaging. It prevents further learning and causes distress and frustration. 

The Full Preparation course

The Full Preparation course is broken down to main areas:

  • Theory
  • Standards
  • How to teach in confined water
  • How to teach in the classroom
  • Mock Exams
Distance Learning course

Dive Theory

The dive theory portion of the PADI IDC Preparation Course is packed with information, not only to help  learn the subjects, but how to  teach them as well. After all, you’re going to be a PADI Instructor soon. 

 Physics can be a challenge for some students, but the way it’s taught here  really breaks things down in simple terms so that it’s easy to understand.

Work at your own speed

The course is self-paced and flexible, you work  at your own speed in your own time.

It’s video based, which allows you to review the material at your own pace and check your understanding with the several questions that follow each video.

Overall, it’s  an excellent way to prepare.

The Preparation Course in detail

The PADI IDC Preparation Course is designed to give you confidence and the best possible chance of passing your Instructor exams for the first time. 

One of the things you’ll learn on your course is how to effectively teach in confined water. This can be a challenge for some people, unsure of how to behave when they’re so close to their students.

But don’t worry, the examiners are looking for people who can remain calm and professional under pressure.
So as long as you remember to stay cool, you’ll do just fine. 

Briefings and Debriefings

This program will show you how to give effective briefings and debriefings. You’ll find out how to put students at the centre of their own learning.
You’ll learn how to provide positive coaching and give confidence to others.
You’ll learn a lot about the psychology of how people learn,

FULL IDC Preparation Course

Teaching in the Classroom

You’ll also learn how to teach people in the classroom. You need  to be effective, but also to  follow a PADI formula.

On this preparation course,  you’ll find a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful PADI Instructor. And, more importantly, you’ll be able to pass on your knowledge in a way that makes perfect sense to your students   

Mock PADI IDC Exams

Theory exams

This  course includes some up to date mock theory and standards exams,
All with the same format and content as your final PADI Instructor exams. 

PADI Standards exams

The standards exams are based on the 2023 PADI Instructor manual, so you can be confident that you’re fully prepared for the real thing

With the PADI IDC Preparation Course, you can be sure that you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of becoming a PADI Instructor.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side! 

PADI IDC explained

All this covered in the Complete PADI IDC Preparation Course is US$ 99

FULL IDC Preparation Course

Online Full IDC Preparation Course

Perfect for teaching yourself as much as teaching others.

Despite it’s title, this is a very powerful course for PADI Instructors and Divemasters to improve their personal development. 

It covers theory and teaching new skills to divers. 

It covers important subjects like: 
Positive Coaching
Ownership of learning

Allowing people to learn

and lot’s of other wonderful topics. 
You can join the course by clicking on the picture, or you can find more information here about the Complete IDC Preparation course 

Tailor made sessions for individual PADI Instructors or Dive Centres

Last modified: 10th January 2023
Author: Steve Prior