How to pass your PADI Instructor Development Course


How to pass your PADI IDC

6 Solid tips on how to prepare and how to pass your PADI IDC.

All too often people attend their PADI Instructor Development Course without proper preparation, leading to frustration and late nights trying to catch up. 

How to prepare and pass your PADI IDC

Here I’ll explain the 6 areas where you can get ahead of the game!

PADI Dive Theory

Dive theory is often the area that causes the most stress.

It isn’t as tricky as some like to make it out to be! 

As with everything else in life, practice and familiarity makes things so much easier. 

  • Practice with the most up to date PADI questions that you can find
  • Answer as many questions as you can find
  • Get used to the latest PADI wording of questions
  • Get good advice and explanations in areas that you struggle with
  • You can practice by “teaching” other people. (by teaching we learn)
  • Get to understand the “Jargon” often associated with PADI questions
PADI Dive Theory

PADI Dive Standards and Procedures

As before – it’s much easier than you think!

  • You don’t need to know Standards off by heart!
  • You do need to know where to find Standards in the Instructor Manual
  • Only practice with the very latest PADI standards
  • Use the very latest version of the PADI Instructor Manual
  • Use the very latest version of PADI Guide To Teaching
  • The more that you know about PADI Standards, the more flexible you can be as a PADI Instructor
How to pass your PADI IDC

How to pass your PADI IDC water skill assessments

PADI Dive skills demonstrations

Diving! this is the fun part!

Practice all of your dive skills in the pool when you can. 

  • Simply practice performing the skill
  • At this stage do NOT practice “demonstrating” the skill
  • Practice performing skills as a very competent Open Water diver would perform them
  • Perfect your buoyancy skills
  • Play around with weights to control your trim
  • Be ready to perform any skill well at any time 
How to pass your PADI IDC. Skill demonstrations

Practice Briefings and Debriefings

Dive Briefings

Communication is SO important when you’re an instructor. 
Briefings are important to give people confidence, belief and encouragement in performing skills

Briefings should be short and suited to the needs of each student. 

  • Try to imagine what you’d say to someone just before they perform a skill
  • What the skill is
  • Why they’re learning how to do the skill
  • How they will do the skill
  • When they’ll be expected to perform the skill
  • How the session will be organised
  • Any signals that might be used.

Dive Debriefings

Debriefings are important for a couple of reasons. 
1. to let people know how well they did

2. Give positive coaching to correct any problems the student had

  • Try to imagine how you would speak to a student once they had performed a skill
  • Remind them what they have achieved (what skill)
  • Remind them why they learnt the skill
  • Give them praise for things they did well
  • give them advice on how to avoid making any mistake

Once again the debrief should be short

How to pass your PADI IDC Briefing and Debriefing

How to pass your PADI IDC

All of the above explained in a fun and interactive way.

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